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Monday, 5 July 2010

Sparrowwood - Part Four

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“Kwenkar Maki Spira Lo... Osa Tastra Kumen To...”
 Lady Blackhope stood above her scrying pool, and gazed into it’s magical reflections as she chanted the words of the Nonokromicon’s Black Magic. Soon after, black swirls began to fog the clear waters, and ghostly images appeared.
“At last!” Blackhope cackled “At last I may see the truth behind this spiral’s creation!!” A beam of ominous black magical energy shone from the scrying pool, and the vision began.
An unknown female voice echoed into the shade; “And so the story begins...”

“The spiral was a place filled with wonder, magic and excitement. And it is us who first created it so. Beyond the spiral lay many mysteries no being within our creation could understand – however Tsukaru would not accept that. As we taught the life of our spiral the arts of our magics, Tsukaru was one who gained an unusual urge for such knowledge, and increasing thirst for arcane magical power. We denied him such a right, not for our own stature, but for our creations safety – and with that he betrayed us.
He turned our beloved titans against each other, beginning the eternal war between the elements, and it is in that weakness he manipulated the spiral to his will, in order to gain it’s most sacred secrets. He weaved together the most powerful of White and Black Magics, and unleashed a terrible monster known as the Apocalyptheon. The monster’s power was greater than both I, and our Titan’s might, and our defeat was inevitable. The Apocalyptheon tore our world apart, causing the formation of our unravelling spiral. Nearing the end of all existence, the Apocalyptheon had to be stopped, and so in sacrificing myself, I imprisoned the beast, in order to allow my children to reclaim what was once lost.
Enraged by the fact the Apocalyptheon was beyond his control, Tsukaru formed his own Spiral using the last of his power, and in it he put all of his rage, hatred and darkness. However, my dear son’s spore wandered into the creation of Tsukaru’s parallel spiral, and it unleashed it’s light in order to stop the diabolical realm from forming with no light or hope.
The end? It is by far the end my child. Infact, this really is just the beginning.”

Blackhope, astonished by such revelations, shouted into the light. “But who are you!!” The echo simply responded; “Just call me Grandmother, Amelia.”
“H-How...” Blackhope stuttered. “...do you know my name?” And the light dissipated.

“And so the truth is revealed.” Merlistaire bellows into the tower.
“Merlistaire!? How did you get here so fast!?”
“I just thought I’d give you a little surprise Amelia!”
“It’s Lady Blackhope to you.” Blackhope frowned. “And now that we all know the truth, we may aswell get on with it.”
“Feel free. But, would you have the politeness to tell me what exactly you are trying to achieve?” Merlistaire questioned calmly as he stepped forward into the tower.
“Frankly, no. But I suppose it would be a lot more fun if I did tell you, just to see the look on your face. Oh alright then, how can I resist! You see, it’s all about that silly old tree of yours.”
“That’s the one- the son of the True Spiral’s Bartleby. And as we all now know, Bertlebye is the only thing keeping this place all sweetness and light – so overcome that weird little tree’s power, and the Spiral is mine. Haha! Simple really.” Blackhope’s face gleams with pride as she lets out a small giggle.
“I see. And how in the spiral do you plan to do that?” Merlistaire remains calm.
“That’s the fun part! Not only did the black magic I stole from the Nonokromicon allow me to initiate that vision from some old lady-”
“Raven, actually.” Beta the Owl interrupted as he swooped down and perched on Merlistaire’s shoulder.
“Oh so it was the Grandmo-”
“Shut it you two! Do you want to hear my dastardly plans or not?!” Blackhope clears her throat. “I also managed to steal Black Magic which enables me to summon a very threatening being indeed. One that may easily match that of Bertlebye’s power.”
“Not the Apocalyptheon I assume, Marlin maybe would attempt something so foolish, but not you Blackhope.” Said Merlistaire.
“Of course not! That would require enormous amounts of energy on my part, and I skipped breakfast this morning!” Blackhope began casting enigmatic symbols of Black Magic.
“So the person you’re going to summon...” Merlistaire began as magical energy began to surge from the ground.
“Is....” Blackhope yelled against the sound of rushing dark power, as the black magic symbols and sigils ignited with an eerie glow.
“Whoo?!” Beta chirped. An explosion of violet light enveloped the room.
“Prepare to meet, Merlstaire, after lying dormant for thousands of years, the one true princess of our Spiral – I summon, Destiny! Daughter of Wicked!”
The light fades and a female with writhing hair stands in the centre of the room.
“Merlistaire.” Her voice echoes. “Prove your worth. I command you to defeat this creature of the true spiral.” Destiny rises into the air, eyes aglow, and prepares to observe the final battle between Blackhope and Merlistaire.
“You want me to fight?!” Blackhope yells. “What do you think I summoned YOU for!” Destiny flicks her hand, and Blackhope suddenly becomes rigid, and Serena begins to control her with ease, like a mere puppet.
“Begin.” Says Destiny. Merlistaire raises his staff, and throws forth a small ball of fire as he tries to build magical power for a new spell.
“Death Troll!” Blackhope shouts, and a burly troll appears as if from nowhere, and Merlistaire quickly shouts “Empowerment!” and a shimmering aura surrounds him. The troll batters Merlistaire twice with it’s thorny mace, but in doing so each blow’s force appears to be converted into additional magical energy for Merlistaire.
“You really can be a tricky snail to squash can’t you Merlistaire.” Blackhope mutters. Merlistaire casts several sturdy shields, and replies casually “Well, I try.”
Blackhope begins casting another spell and says “Well you know something about snails?” she waves her hands and magic sigils begin to glow. “Without a shell, they’re just slugs. Pierce!!” she shouts, and Merlistaire’s defences shatter instantly. Merlistaire quickly tries to build up a powerful spell, but just as soon as he gains enough magical force- “Absorb Shield!!” cackles Blackhope, knowing that Merlistaire’s next high damage spell would be weakened dramatically. “Steal Ward!” Merlistaire waves a sigil and Blackhope’s absorb is transferred to him! Blackhope cowers backwards as Merlistaire draws all of his remaining magical energy, and channels it into one final spell; “Snow Angel!!” An eerie whistle of wind wavers in the air, and an elegant Pegasus glides down from an ethereal cloud. The being which sit’s upon it raises it’s crystalline lantern, and a spectrum of icy colours emanate from the shining centre. Blackhope screeches as the freezing blast finally causes her to fall to the ground.
Destiny lowers herself down from her levitation, eyes still glowing with unknown mystical power. She raises a finger and opens up an arcane portal.
“Blackhope” she whispers. “Return to where you belong.” Says Destiny in monotone.
“No!” Shouted Blackhope, “This is not how it is supposed to end! I shall not return to that city of wizards! This Spiral shall be mine!!” But the force is too strong, and she is sucked into the rift as it closes on her.
“No.” Says Destiny. “The Spiral is Mine.” She claps her hands and a luminous orb traps Merlistaire. “You will do for now.” She mutters. Merlistaire thrashes hopelessly against the runic cage of energy. “Why are you doing this?! What do you want with me!!” Destiny begins to laugh maniacally, yet still with a somewhat robotic, cold tone. “All shall be revealed... Merlistaire! Wahahaha!!” Destiny claps once more, and they both disappear in a flash of light, leaving the tower completely empty.

The Aftermath

A girl in lively green attire barges into the tower excitedly.
 “Merlistaire!! It’s me Alyssa! I found the- Oooh...” The girl looks around at the destruction of the room. “Ah.. A tad late maybe?”

Marlin slowly returns to consciousness... “uhhh... where am I..?” A spirit hovers above him. “Velcome Vizard. To Vagonvire!” Marlin looks around.. “WHAAAA-!”

Blackhope sits alone in ghost form inside her old tower on Unicorn Way. So close to domination of that spiral... "Next time... nothing shall stand in my way."

Beta the Owl is still afraid to come down from the roof of the ruined tower after that dramatic battle, and Bertlebye is still waiting for someone to remember to water him.

- - -

Who will save Merlistaire? How did Marlin wake up in Vagenvire? Will Blackhope get revenge? What plans does Destiny have to reclaim her father’s spiral?

The story continues in Sparrowwood II – The Wicked Wizard’s Wrath

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