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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Sparrowwood - Part Three

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The Grand Door to the ancient Vault of Sparrowwood Library, slowly creaked open as Merlistaire chanted an Astral Language. The engravings on the Vault door looked similar to those found in Grendelheim, as they reflected the light of the tiny flickering crystals which were suspended in mid-air, all around. The center of the vault door held the Sparrowwood Insignia, and surrounding it were more cryptic symbols.

Merlistaire stepped forward into the dusty Vault, and Beta flapped close behind. He stopped suddenly, and his deep blue eyes widened. “This surely cannot be...” Merlistaire quickened his pace and approached the empty pedestal. “No! It’s gone! How could they possibly have done this so soon!”
“Whooo~” Beta twittered.
“Marlin. With the help of Blackhope no doubt.” A dark laughter echoes from behind him.
“Suprised Merlistaire?” Marlin emerged from the shadows. “The Nonokromicon is mine at last, and with it, are Nonokromian secrets of astral magic, written by none other than Nutankhamen himself!!”
“But Marlin, I have but one question, why would you desire the Astral Spells of Nutankhamen? He was only of importance to to the land of Nokotopia, the construction of the Great Quadrilaterals and that Mighty Statue of a Ninx - and even that was hundreds of years ago.”
“Oh Merlistaire, you never fail to disappoint me. Did you not know that Nutankhamen was one of Tsukaru’s right hand men? Hmm?” Blackhope cackled as she posed next to Marlin.
“So you are looking for the magics that Tsukaru used to create, and dominate an entire spiral? And expect to find them in the book of Nonokromicon?”
“That is correct.” Marlin nodded. “And now it is time that we took them.” Marlin opened the book and flicked through a few pages, as if looking for something imparticular. Very shortly, he smiled, and then nodded, and glanced up at Merlistaire. “And here is the very spell we were looking for... The Noire Star.” Marlin wavered his hand over the page, and the runic letters and symbols peeled off the page, and floated into his grasp. He clenched his fist and grinned. Merlistaire stepped backwards slightly.

“How could I not notice Black Magic in the Nonokromicon...” He muttered to himself. “I cannot let you do this Marlin!”
“Just try and stop me Merlistaire!” he raised his hand, book tightly in his grasp.
“As you wish.” Magical energy drew from Merlistaire’s feet and- “Colossus!” he yelled, and a bright blue glow emanated from his wand, summoning forth a giant frosty and powerful Colossus.
“Fire Dragon!” shouted Marlin, and a huge winged beast swooped down from the large flaming ember which burst from Marlin’s twisted staff. The dragon drew breath and exhaled intense scarlet flames on the Colossus, and the icy terror fell to the floor in an instant. “Now Helephant!” bellowed Marlin once more, and the fiery terror arose from the floor, swinging back it’s heavy blade, ready to strike when-
“Fortify! Tower Shield!” Merlistaire casted a shimmering blue aura to protect him, and a swirling tower shield shattered with the blade’s impact, and the Great Beast’s sword still hurtled towards Merlistaire. “Ice Armour!” and a strong icy shield stood steady before Merlistaire, taking full force of the Helephant’s burning weapon, deflecting it’s wrath as the blade cracked and shattered, and the Helephant screeched as it returned back to the ground.
“Merlistaire, I must say your duelling skills are much improved... even Ravenwood Students cannot Chain Spells!” Blackhope turned and punched Marlin square in the face, stealing the book from his grasp. “Night Bats!” she shouted, and evil black bats appeared from a dark portal, and blasted Marlin with their shadow energy. Completely startled Marlin fell to the ground, and shadows enveloped him as he disappeared.
“Thank goodness I got rid of him at last! Now that I have all I need.”
“So you used Marlin?” Merlistaire asked “So that he could summon you, and you could then obtain whatever dark relics from Sparrowwood you desire?”
“Of course Merle, I mean Merlistaire, Darling.” She cackled. “Why else?” Black hope clicked her fingers, and the shadows swept her away. Still with many questions, Merlistaire was alone once more, in the empty vault, raided of all ancient and powerful relics.
Blackhope is up to something... something very dark indeed...

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