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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Sparrowwood - Part Two

Now knowing Marlin’s intentions of dominating the Spiral, Merlistaire scanned the shelves of the library, searching for a book containing knowledge of Tsukaru, The Netherspiral, Ravenwood, and Lady Blackhope. His old eyes fell upon a book with worn leather binding. On the side was written in gold: “Bartleby and the Grandmother Raven.” He took the book from the shelf, and wiped away the dust with his hand. He turned to the first page, and began to read.

Raven of Black Magic Tree of the White,
Together the threads of the worlds they weaved,
From them comes all of our Love and our Might,
But for the loss of our light they grieved.

“The creators of the spiral...” Merlistaire whispered to himself. He flicked through several more pages, of myth, legend and lore, and came to a worn and tattered page.

As Forbidden One
took’th Dark Half o’ Moon
‘n’ Extinguis’d Star
‘n’ Shaded Sun
Craft’d was th’ Forbidden Realm

“H-H-How could this be!” Merlistaire stuttered. “The Legends are true. Tsukaru the darkest of all Wizards must indeed have existed.” He looked up from his desk. “And in that case, both spirals are in great danger...”

Defeated was the forbidden one
by the light of a single spore
Alas his power was not gone
into the sky magic did soar
Through relics war not lost nor won
Soon they shall return once more

“...so if Marlin acquires all Tsukaru’s relics, then he shall be granted his dark powers! Massive Black Magic which allowed The Dark Wizard himself to create an entire Spiral- and it shall grant Marlin the power to destroy it!”

Merlistaire stood up from his desk, and called to his Owl, Beta.
“It’s time to enter the Vault..”

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