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A blast of magical energy surged across the room, hitting Merlistaire hard in the chest, and enveloping him in glowing green flames. Merlistaire Spiralsmith is Guardian of Sparrowwood Library, a place filled with infinite knowledge of magic and the Spiral.

“Another foolish attempt to stop me Merlistaire?” Laughed Marlin as Merlistaire kneeled hunched over on the wooden floorboards of the tower. Marlin was Merlistaire’s assistant, but he was gradually led astray by his interest in Black Magic, a magic even darker than Necromancy.
“You are the foolish one Marlin – delving into matters you do not entirely understand.” Merlistaire replied.
“I understand enough! You can no longer restrain me from my true potential Merlistaire. I shall become ruler of the Spiral just as the Tsukaru once did.”
“Tsukaru is a mere legend, a myth, Marlin. And even so if he did exist, why does he not still live on today?”
“Hmph” Marlin grunted. “That was simply misfortune. And I shall not accept such a downfall. Now hand over the Sceptre, or I shall have to use less orthodox methods...”

“Ahaha! Unorthodox is my middle name, Marlin.” A womans voice cackled.
“My Lady?!”
“Well of course! I wasn’t going to let you have all the fun, was I?”
Merlistaire looked astonished as the pale, dark haired female entered the room. “Merlistaire Spiralsmith, eh? Hehehe! I’ve heard a lot about you.”
“Lady Blackhope, now this is a surprise. Should you not be in some storybook somewhere?”
“My my Merlistaire, you really don’t know anything do you!” Merlistaire adjusted his ‘old school’ sky blue wizard hat awkwardly. Lady Blackhope sighed. “This, is the Netherspiral, the Antispiral, the Opposite of the True Spiral. Those ‘storybooks’ telling of Ravenwood School are no fairytale Merlistaire. And I am the proof.” 

Marlin cleared his thoat. “I summoned Lady Blackhope here from the True Spiral, it simply took a few ancient relics - and a small sprig of stinkweed - to cross the gap. And now she has told me all I need to know about Tsukaru in order to carry out my new plans.”
“So I suggest you hand over the Sceptre Merlistaire, I don’t want to be breaking any nails, I have a date with Foulgaze in half an hour.”
Merlistaire turns his back to the pair, and faces the golden chest behind him.
“You want the Scribus Sceptre - the very sceptre used to cast Tsukaru’s Black Magic – and you expect me to simply hand it over?”
“Hahahaaa! Yes! Oh you do make me laugh!” screeched Blackhope. Merlistaire turned back to face the intruders and whispered.
“Well then. You were gravely mistaken.” Merlistaire flung his great golden staff into the air, the runic symbols engraved on it shone brightly, and an enormous orb of luminous energy exploded from it’s spiralled end. Marlin and Blackhope shielded their eyes, and Marlin muttered a short enchantment, as they both disappeared into the dark.