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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Contest Winners - A2Z Massive Wallpaper Contest

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to everybody who entered!
Every single entry was really great! I enjoyed looking through every entry, some made me laugh, others were cute, and others were just really cool!

So lets get to the winners...

In 1st Place, and winner of the Death Scarab is...
Kymma Stormbringer!
I really love this wallpaper! The screenshot looks fantastic, and every person is dressed up in their coolest gear, and each has their own pet, all of them look quite rare too! Plus the text "Put your life on Paws" is really clever, using "Paws" instead of "Pause". She has obviously put a lot of effort into this wallpaper!
Well done Kymma! Your Death Scarab code will be sent to your e-mail!

In 2nd Place, and winner of the FOG Unicorn is...
Jesse Thundermender!

This wallpaper is pretty cool! I love how the Orthrus pet glares at you with one glowing red eye, and the text "Beware Of Dog" has some really good effects on it!
Congratulations Jesse! Your FOG Unicorn code will be sent to your e-mail!

And in 3rd Place, winner of the Summer Dragon is...
Fallon Deathslinger!

This wallpaper is packed full of awesome pets! And I really like the background, its got a very cool dragonspyre theme.
Good Job Fallon! Your Summer Dragon code will be sent to your e-mail!

Runners Up...
All of these wallpapers were so close to winning too!
They were so good! Thank you all for entering!
Heather Raven!

I thought this wallpaper was very funny indeed, with the "Anatomy of a Mander" in Wizard 101 "Ballet"! Brilliant!
John Lifeglen!
This wallpaper includes lots of cool Ghost Pets! Including the rare Ghost Hound and even a Seraph pet! Amazing collection!
Christopher Skullrider!

This wallpaper is also very cool! I love all the pets in the picture, but it amazes me how he has made it seem like the heckhound is barking! Pretty cool!
Savannah Rose!

I like how this wallpaper is in front of the pretty Life Tree in ravenwood, and the text "It's All Right to be a Sprite" is sweet! The sprite pet looks really nice too!

Thanks again to everyone who entered!
Have fun with Wizard101 Advanced Pets!

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