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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Have YOU heard about the Petnome Project?

You know what's great about the Wizard101 community?
People make projects like this...

Kevin Battleblood , Miguel Wildthorn, Heather Raven, and Sean Emeraldweaver are the fantastic team who have brought to us, the petnome project!

The purpose of the petnome project is "to compile all the talents and derby skills on 1st generation pets, so we, the Wizards, will better understand inheritance and mating, and become wiser in our breeding choices."

You can visit Petnome.com or Kevin's Blog for all of the details, but they need you to submit the talents and derby powers your pet has unlocked, all to help wizard101 players everywhere! It only takes a minute or two to fill out the form, so give it a go!

Meanwhile our own Spiral Famous John Spiritshade ventured out to the Petnome Photoshoot in Triton Avenue, and loads of other members and wizard101 players turned out too! See if you can spot John in this picture!


Remember to check out Petnome.com!

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