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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wysteria Update and the Wyvern's Hoard

Guess what Wizards! Wysteria is live!
-throws confetti-

You can find my original post about it on test realm here, and be sure to check out the official update notes, as there are also a few useful tweaks that make your experience around the spiral just a little easier. PLUS we now have teleporters! They can take you between your own houses, or within just one house, and can be crafted using recipes from Celestia Base Camp or purchased in the crowns shop.

What really interests me about Wysteria are the hints to new worlds thrown in here and there, such as this spiral cup contestant from the world of "Mirage", and the strange plants you have to find in Pegasus Place, they're growing candy, and the quest-giver suggests they appeared the same time as the goblins.. meaning that a world of Candyland might be inhabited by goblins and - of course - filled with candy!

I did manage to craft a teleporter, they are really fun to play with, although maybe a little confusing if you forget where you placed them! Definitely a great addition to housing, and I can't wait to see what people do with them, whether it's creating a little hub which ports to all your houses, or creating mazes, puzzles, and secret areas!

Lastly there is the new Wyvern's Hoard, which has a small chance of containing one of a variety of coloured Wyvern Mounts, some colours rarer than others although in my experience getting one at all is rare enough! Be careful and sensible with your crowns here, it's very easy to spend them like crazy! Other possible prizes include teleporters, housing items, new "Greenwarden" gear and wands, seeds, and lots of trees and foliage for your house. Oh and a chocobo chicken coop!

For me, Wyverns are officially the new Chocobos, I want one SO badly, but they are so rare - and the chances of me getting the blue and white one are super-super slim!
Nevertheless, I cannot help but hear this theme when I see them, just because I love Chocobos, and I love the new wyverns..
Okay, I'll stop the final fantasy references now!

~John Spiritshade

Psst... Psst! Yes I'm talking to you! Shh! Be quiet, we are being watched by the Ice Queen!
Sparrowood is under great danger, and we need your help! Attend the secret "Clearing Snow" group on My.DiaryOfAWizard.com before the 28th to enter this event, if you succeed in helping us you will not go unrewarded! I cannot say much now... she is watching! Be quick!


  1. About the Wyrven's Hoard: The color rarity isn't true, It all depends on what type of wizard you are when you redeem it. These are what the ones I know: Ice = Blue and White. Storm= Purple and Blue. Fire= Red and Blue. Yellow and Blue= Myth. I think that death may also get the one for storm, and the same goes for the Myth one.

  2. You might be on to something there, however I did recieve a Yellow and blue wyvern on my Ice, when I really wantd the blue and white. There might be something in this, but I don't think it's so clear cut that you'll definitely get that colour. :) Thanks for the comment!

  3. I got a Wyvern. It was a yellow one. I am a level 51 Death Student currently. It only cost me about 30,000 crowns! OMG! Though, I diecided I HAD to have one. Also I received a total of 5 peices of the greenwarden armor from 3 different sets. The first is the 'Energetic' set, which is the lightest shade of the three. The second is the 'Peaceful' set which is only slightly darker than the first. The third is the 'Brilliant' set which is quite darker than the rest of the armors. I don't know if there are more, but that is what I came out with from the wyvern packs, outside of a MASSIVE amount of trees! Good Luck to all who choose to make the plunge.
    -Dugan Deathbringer


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