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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bertlebye's Housekeeping : Ice House

"Hey all, the name's Bertlebye, and I'm the famous magical wisdom tree in Sparrowwood! I may be a simple bonsai, but they say my feng shui is the best in all Mooshu! Whether its dorms or decor, I'm here to help you house hunters and home decorators out there with my own feature on Ambrose2Zeke!"

"Today John Spiritshade himself will show you around a very nice Ice Paradise!"

 "Yo, 'sup. Welcome to the Ice House, naturally - as an ice wizard myself - one of my favourites available in the spiral."

"It's a bit chilly around here, however you can see an amazing backdrop of a Fire Dragon and a Frost Giant, frozen in stone for all time to see, forever waging their ancient war above your Icy abode!"

"As I head inside things don't warm up as much as I would have liked, although a house made entirely of ice is toastier than you might expect! Multiple rooms spiral upwards in this tall tower, all connected by icy slopes, and the uppermost floors are connected with a snow convered bridge which also surrounds the large ice shard that makes up the central pillar of the house."

 "The highlight of this house has to be the Gobbler frozen solid in the hidden cave around the back of the house! The cave has shelving to display trophies and such, and lovely dappled light makes the snow and ice sparkle through a crack in the ceiling. Wait.. is that Gobbler still blinking?"

"Talking about temperature, it's not exactly roasting around Sparrowwood lately! I gotta turn my central heating up! But if you'd like to save on your gas bill and live in this winter wonderland, visit the Crowns Shop today and you could get yourself a Ice House for just 10,000 crowns or 100,000 gold!

Plus for a limited time only, you can get up to 50% off on all Housing in the crowns shop during the House-A-Palooza Event!

Until next time!"

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