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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My Puzzle of Me! ( Inspired by John Lifeglen )

John Lifeglen over at http://throughtheeyesofasorcerer.blogspot.com/ posted a puzzle of people in the Wizard101 Community that have helped make him who he is today. Check out his post to find out what this is all about, and you can even download a template to try making one yourself!

So here is mine! Why not try and work out who each one is!

Did you work out any of them? Here are the answers, and a little explanation:

A Wizard Couldn't Live Without - DiaryOfAWizard.com of course! Fallon Shadowblade has helped me with this blog, website, and getting involved with the community so much since I first found the community. She devotes so much to DiaryOfAWizard, and for that I have massive respect for her, and of course all users and bloggers who participate on the site!

A Friendly Inspiration - Is none other than Friendly ( And Family! ). His brilliant blog made me realise "Hey this looks like fun, I could do this!" And if he wasn't there, I probably would never have found out about blogging about Wizard101 and even beyond.

Fortnightly Voices - Are Leesha, Fallon, Steve, and the rest of the Ravenwood Radio Team! When I first found the show Leala was a host, so I have to mention her since the show was the first part of this community I ever found, and the show excited me about Wizard101 more than anything else. I remember listening on a car journey once, thinking "I never knew this, I have gotta get in game to do that!", so we have her and Steve to thank for starting up such a great show. Secondly I remember meeting Fallon way before she was a host on the show, and she is a really great and friendly person to play with in game. I remember she has helped me quite a lot with tricky towers and dungeons, and the times I have had ingame with her have been the some of most fun - plus she hosts the show fantastically and all those wizards she has just goes to show how much she loves the game!

Thoughtful and Fair - these are the words that I thought best described Kestrel Shadowthistle. From Wandcast, to her blog A Shadowthistle School of Wizardry, she comes up with things I would never have thought of, and for me, is a great role model, almost always hitting the nail of any issue on the head.

Of Common Interests - Japan, TV Shows, you name it, her posts on her blog Wandering Conjurer, and whenever we have a conversation in game, sometimes I'm sure we could geek out chatting all day! It's Heather Raven!

An Icy Idol - is the beloved Icy Wiz, otherwise known as Christina IceDreamer. As a fellow Ice Wizard, obviously I am very proud of having such an esteemed wizard in the same school as me, and out common hatred.. I mean... adoration for Mindy Pixiecrown gives us a lot of common ground. Her segments on Ravenwood Radio crack me UP!! I have never laughed so hard. Really. She should become a comedian or something. I'd buy the boxset dvd. Plus she always manages to smell Lavender Febreezy Fresh, apparently!

A Balanced Friend - John Lifeglen and could probably jabber forever about both Wizard101 and Minecraft. He introduced me to Minecraft a few months ago and I haven't put it down since. I do keep wondering If I should go outside or something, but I fear I've forgotten what it looks like out there.. Plus I don't want to risk running into any creepers.

Creative and Kind - the one only Paige Moonshade is this and more. I love reading her blog PaigeMoonshade.com for it's brilliant housing posts. She inspires me to make my Wizard101 Houses bigger and better, craft more items, and her own housing creations are often absolutely enchanting, and I could visit them again and again.

Hard at Work - means those of you at Petnome, Kevin and every single one of the Team, and anyone who contributes!

Always-a-tweetin' and Many Unique Words and More - that's all of you #twizards ( or wizards on twitter ) out there, and all of you Bloggers! There are too many to mention, but to try and name just a few ( and I am bound to miss someone out ):
AlricRavenwiz, ArlenDawneyes, AwesomeBlizzard, DianaWildheart, EdwardLifegem, Jordan Seawiz, JessicaFire, BFrogstone, CassHexythorn, LadyOfBlades, Deathshard, Starsongky, CassDragonHeart, Witchwarrior, and most people mentioned previously! Literally anyone following me, or who I am following on twitter, and all those bloggers out there. If you are not in this list, I most probably mean to include you here, but it's late and it would be silly to write out the near 200+ of you! Sorry!

Last but not least, YOU! If you're reading this post, it means you've found your way to one of my greatest loves and passions. Ambrose2Zeke, and my life in the community would be nothing without you who reads and interacts with both the site, and with me. So thank you! You have made my Wizard101 Experience the best it could be.

That's all for now. That was a really long post, and it really is late, so sorry if it seemed a bit rough around the edges towards the end! See you soon, and why not make your own Wizard101 Community Puzzle?

~John SpiritShade



  1. Awesome post! I love it. I'm honored to be included among the ranks! :D

  2. I'm very, very flattered to be included in your puzzle at all. And I can't begin to tell you how much the things you said about me mean. Most of all, I am so happy you "get" my humor because not everyone does. Thank you so much!

  3. That is the coolest puzzle I've ever seen! :O

  4. Sometimes I think if we didn't have the time difference, we could get talking so much that we'd forget to eat! ^_^ Thanks for including me amongst all these other wonderful wizards. I'm honored and touched.


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