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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wysteria Hysteria - A quirky new side-world for Wizard101!

The world of Wysteria is now in the Test Realm for Wizards level 25 and above!

Visit the weird world of Wysteria, home to the Pigswick Acadamy, inhabited (mostly) by pigs! But.. you might find the staff teach things a little differently here!

Discover the amazing competition for the Spiral Cup, and uncover new secrets, mysteries, and meet new characters from all over the spiral! This latest expansion also brings new Gear, Furniture, Crafting Recipes, Gardening Seeds, and of course quests to complete, monsters, villains and bosses to duel with!

After just a few hours play in the Test Realm, I have noticed quite a few hints to possible future worlds. See if you notice them, but this new world to explore is definitely going to be a very unique and unmissable treat.

Level 60? This expansion is also bringing a brand new tower for you, said to be even harder than the Waterworks!

~John Spiritshade

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