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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Ambrose2Zeke Champions II - The Return of an enormous Contest!

It's back and better than ever. The biggest contest we've ever had returns, and this time it's it's up to you to save the Sparrowwood.

The Queen of Blightfrost (@QueenofBlight on twitter) has cast a freezing curse over the world of Ambrose2Zeke and Sparrowwood - It's up to you to stop her.

Overcome 7 amazing Wizard101 challenges, as a new generation of heroes must rise up, and fight against the Blight Queen's domination, to save the spiral and it's champions from the clutches of ice. Complete ALL 7 challenges, and you will be entered into our Hall of Fame, and our raffle to win 5000 crowns!

You must attend the secret alliance event "Clearing Snow" against The Queen on my.diaryofawizard.com to qualify for the first round. If you do not do this, your entries will not count, and you will not be able to win PRIZES!

So attend the event before 11:45pm on the 28th of August!

If you miss your chance to attend this event, you will still be able to check out all the challenges and even try to do them, however you will not be officially entered into the competition, and even if you try to enter, it will not be counted. The easy option?

Now you've attended, you're ready to face the challenges that await you.
A new challenge will be revealed weekly.. and the first is available to see right now!
Quickly! You are Sparrowwood's only hope!

Go to www.Ambrose2Zeke.com/blightfrost and click 'start' to begin your quest!
 (Remember you must attend the DiaryOfAWizard Event "Clearing Snow" for entries to be valid!)

Questions? Tweet @Ambrose2Zeke, or comment on this post!

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