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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Epic New Wizard101 Adventure: Sparrowwood

It's a new and exciting story, telling of an alternate spiral, created by an evil wizard from the real spiral. It's the ultimate battle between Black and White Magic, as Merlistaire, Marlin, and the one and only Lady Blackhope cast it out in the adventure of a lifetime. Our Sparrowwood Fiction has been completely re-written, it's back and better than ever, and the brand new storyline is filled with drama, humour, and is more gripping than a pair of pliers. Will the realm of Sparrowwood be saved? Or will the Dark Wizard return and wreak havoc with his powerful ancient arts?

Read Sparrowwood Parts 1, 2 and 3 Today, and prepare for the fantastic finale in Part 4
 Click the link, or click "Sparrowwood" on the horizontal navigation bar below our website's banner!

Raven of Black Magic Tree of the White,
Together the threads of the worlds they weaved,
From them comes all of our Love and our Might,
But for the loss of our light they grieved.

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