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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Don't forget poor Malistaire!

With all the new fun stuff coming up in Celestia, and the next five worlds, with the new huge villain Morganthe the weirdo spider Lady, I think it is important that we remember someone you may have already forgotten...

Malistaire Drake and the Great Spyre is and will always be a great adventure, whether for loot, a quest, gold or just for fun! Just think about it, he was only going to summon the Dragon Titan and destroy the Spiral, at least he didn't hang around with spiders and insects all the time! ( -shivers- ..ewww... )

But actually that has just given me an interesting thought... If Malistaire tried to summon the Dragon Titan... What if Morganthe tries to summon something else- you know like the Dragons, Tritons and Giants... Hmm... Anyway just a thought!

Just pop in and visit Malistaire every once in a while ok!
He gets very lonely up there.... :-(

~ John Spiritshade
( I will be back very soon.)


  1. I paid him a visit just last night so he can't be too lonely. :-)

    Sadly, the run went badly for me. My daughter and I won rings for each others' schools (not our own) from the gurtoks. Then, despite my taking out all the death minions with a tempest, her annoying friend that ported to her for the final battle used all my traps to defeat Malistaire, leaving me with nothing but a lame ring and some flaming soup. Soup?! I go on a Malistaire run and get soup?!

    If I get my way, Mr. Drake will have some more company tonight...and he'd better not be serving soup!

    Blaze Windrunner
    Blaze Deathcaster (who really needs GM robes)

  2. How is he lonely? The plot is he stays with with his wife (former life professor).

    I fight him when I can.

  3. Haha awesome Blaze, bad luck! You can always sell stuff for gold I suppose... And you can always feed your pet some of that soup! Maybe next time eh?

    M.W.S, true, but if you go back to his lair he is always still there waiting to fight once again... And he is no longer the one and only big bad boss of the entire Spiral. :(

  4. Yea, this time it's Morganthe a Sorceress we fight WOOHOO!


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