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Sunday, 1 August 2010


Shadowweavers- The newest and most deadly threat to the Spiral? We know they are connected to Celestia, and also the Umbra Queen Morganthe.. Send us your thoughts and theories on these vicious new villains!

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  1. They are bugs. Bugs don't live underwater.

  2. I had my first encounter with them yesterday. They, or at least their "clothes", reminded me alot of Malistaire's minions but I like them; maybe just because they're new and different. It sure seemed weird to have rank six and seven things in Krokotopia though. :)

    Oh and I kind of like how you start with just two opponents in Krok, then go to Mooshu and have three, then off to Dragonspyre and there are four. That stopped me dead in my tracks. The necromancer is great for soloing but even still, four on one usually doesn't end well. I think I'll wait for a friend.

    Blaze Deathcaster
    Blaze Windrunner

  3. Good point Heather... But they obviously don't want you to go there, and there are big air domes in Celestia, where they might be able to survive... Either way Bugs creep me out!

    And Blaze I like that too! But the battle in Dragonspyre is sort of hard I agree!


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