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Friday, 11 June 2010

WIN ELUSIVE DEATH SCARAB! - 500 Hits Celebration! Massive Pet Wallpaper Contest!

See the winners!
To celebrate over 500 hits on ambrose2zeke we are having our
greatest contest ever

You could win an amazingly RARE pet!
Please read the following carefully!

The above image is an Example!

Massive Prizes to be Won!

1st Place - Death Scarab Pet
2nd Place - FOG Unicorn Pet
3rd Place - Summer Dragon Pet

Selected Runners Up - Wallpaper displayed on blog!

All you need to do is this!

1. Create a Desktop Wallpaper for a computer.
This should be based on a single screenshot, you may add text and other effects to it in programs such as word, photoshop, etc. if you wish!
It MUST be a screenshot from wizard 101, and must be taken by you.
It must have the theme of PETS in Wizard 101.

2. Send your completed image to us via e-mail to 
with the subject: "A2Z Massive Pet Wallpaper Contest"

You MUST also include your wizard 101 in game name in the email!

(name of your main character)

Winners will be announced here on this blog.
Prizes will be sent to email addresses used to send in your wallpaper image.


-To take a screenshot in wizard 101 simply press the PrtSc or Print Screen key. It will then be saved in a Wizard101 folder on your computer.

-Holding Down ctrl + G together will turn off displaying the wizard 101 interface (spellbook, health globes, icons etc.) You can then hold down ctrl + G again to turn displaying the interface on again.

-Entries will be judged by creativity and originality. And even if you don't win, your entry could be displayed on the website along with your wizard name!

-You can look at the example at the top of this post for more ideas!


if you have any questions or queries feel free to comment on this post or email us at merlistaire@gmail.com

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