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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Pet Frenzy! - Bumper Pet Post!!! All you ever need to know!

Recently, pets have taken over the spiral, in fact,  I am starting to believe that the spiral actually revolves around a giant glowing pink piggle of godliness. But that would be madness... right?

You see, it all began way back in May...
After many days of anticipation, people yearned for the Advanced Pets to go Live.
Those lucky enough to log into the Test realm got just a small taste of the sweet treant nectar that was to come... and we all craved more. Thus! The advanced pets marched on into the Live Spiral, summoning forth a huge fortress of terror from the ruins and rubble of the burning wizard city!!!!

Oh wait... wrong story book... the Pet Pavillion appeared!

This was to become a place of Joy and Happiness for wizards everywhere, but before we talk about that... What exactly are Advanced Pets? What does it MEAN?

In a nutshell, before this gastronomical update, pets were simply beings which were primarily aesthetic- aka. they looked cool.
But now, not only do they hold inner talents and powers hiding within them, but you can train 'em, race 'em, put 'em in ya house, 'n' well, ya gotta' catch 'em all! (Huh, isn't that pokémon? No!!)

So, the pet pavillion is the main focus of your new found addiction to pets.
In the pet pavillion you will find a variety of NPCs, some selling pets for gold or arena tickets, others selling delicious snacks to feed your pets. Also, you can find the very important minigames you must play to train your pet, and of course there is "The Hatchery"!!

( Dramatic Sound Effect )

Pet Basics

So, your beautiful little pet hatches from an egg - different pets have various different hatch times ranging from 5 minutes to 18 hours plus - and you see its cute little face. You may also notice the new menu especially for your pets. You can find it in the spell book, or simply by pressing the 'I' key. Here you can see your pets in your inventory, their pedigree, their stats, talents and powers.

Here is a quick breakdown of these:

- Stats: These mainly contribute to morale costs in the pet derby on different surfaces. ( more on this later )

- Derby Powers: These are skills that your pet can use in the Pet Derby.

- Talents: These are attributes which can increase your Pet's stats, effect your own stats, or even give you cards in battle.

-Pedigree: Any Talent or Power can be either Uncommon, Rare, Ultra-Rare or Epic.
If you assign each of these points, Uncommon being 1 point and epic being 4 points, the pedigree of your pet is all of your pet's potential talent's points added together. The number in brackets next to this number is how many points have manifested.

Playing Minigames

You then train your pet by playing minigames. Each time you play a game you use a certain amount of pet energy (which slowly restores over time) and your pet gains experience and increases in stats ( depending on the minigame ) .

You then get the opportunity to feed your pet a snack which can further increase your pet snacks and exp. Different pets prefer different snacks. Try to find snacks they love to boost their exp. even more!

Levelling Pets

Once your pet has gained enough exp. it will level up. There are five levels.

baby - teen - adult - ancient - epic

Each time you level up you gain 2 talents or powers, and each time you require more exp. to get to the next level. For example to get from baby to teen you need 125 exp, but to get from ancient to epic you need 1000 exp.

Racing Pets

Once your pet is a Teen it may participate in the Pet Derby.
This is much like PVP, but racing pets- and it's fantastic fun!
These are the prizes for each place when you race in a ranked pet derby match:

1st - 3 Arena Tickets
2nd - 2 Arena Tickets
3rd - 1 Area Ticket
4th - A small amount of Gold

Also, doing well in derby races increases your rank- You may even eventually become a Pet Warlord! But remember, doing badly decreases your rank, so make sure you get out there and win!

Hatching Pets

Lastly, there is The Hatchery. In the hatchery you can combine two Adult or higher level pets to create an egg which should share talents, powers and characteristics of both pets. This can cost a lot of gold, but you get to keep both the pets used and you gain an extra pet with possibly better stats!

Sometimes, mixed pets can create a special new pet with cool aesthetics, such as the Ghost Hound.

Get that animal outta my house!

Along with all these new features, pets can now be placed in your house, free to frolic and play. Aww... Thats nice! :)

New New Pets

But this is where the frenzy really begins- Rare pet drops.
Pets now drop from many different bosses in the spiral, some have really cool talents, powers and even cards! Be sure to check out this post on central for some of the newest pets available! People are going crazy farming for these pets!

Enjoy your Pet Adventures!


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