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Monday, 26 April 2010

Secret Furniture!

Did you know there is Furniture for you House or Dorm hidden in loads of places all over the spiral! For example, If you watched Jade Oni Live, or watched it on demand, you may have noticed this lovely yellow silk kimono by the door you enter through into the Jade Palace!

Well guess what?

You can pick it up!!!

You can do this for LOADS of things across the spiral, you just need to keep and eye out!

Another example is in Firecat alley, when you do the quest where you need to go to Anna Flamewright's house, inside the house is a table on the left. If you approach this table, you can pick up a Pen and Ink!
Or in the Dragonspyre Commons, you know that huge lava fountain when you go down to the lower area? You can pick that up too! I only noticed that one after I had done most of dragonspyre! Silly me!

There is tons of hidden furniture out there, so keep your eyes peeled!

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