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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Merlistaire has an Announcement!

Headmaster? Oh-ho-ho! I am no Headmaster young wizard!
Merle Ambrose you say? Name rings a bell I suppose.
My name is Merlistaire Spiralsmith, nice to meet you!
I am the Overseer of this A2Z realm, it's an important job you know!

But I will need your help!

My Ex-Assistant Marlin Gobblermess stole all the files in my organised collection of A-Z about the Spiral and everything in it. I even tried talking to my little bonsai tree Bertlebye... Don't be silly of course it didn't talk back! It's a tree! I'm just a tad crazy thats all!

So are you going to help me or not? My quest for you today is....

Tell me this! What is your favourite spell?
e-mail me at merlistaire@gmail.com !
or tweet @ambrose2zeke !
or comment on this post!
Yes I am very high-tech with all those shiny computer-doodah-wotsits!
I have a Spiral Vista7-1066-battleofhastings Operating System with 6MB Ram! Oh-ho-ho!

Run along now. You must stop Marlin from destroying all knowledge of the Spiral!

These characters are inspired by KingsIsle's Wizard 101 Characters and are not official Characters.

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