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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Welcome Young Wizard!

Welcome Young Wizard!
Wizard 101 A-Z Blog!

Hello there!!! My name is John Spiritshade and welcome to my blog about everything that is Wizard 101. If you don't know what Wizard 101 is, then you are seriously missing out, check it out now at wizard101.com, it is a great mmo game for all ages. You may think it is a game just for kids, but I am afraid to have to tell you that... You are wrong. There are many older players of Wizard 101, it is such a vast game with so much to do, it is right up there with some of the greatest MMOs.

Annnywayy. I have quite a lot of experience in MMOs, I have played a whole load of them from Free to Play games like Maple Story, Grand Fantasia, (the list goes on) to Pay to Play games such as Champions Online, and I even dabbled in a bit of World of Warcraft at one time.... although... a very short time.

However nowadays my mmo life consists of mainly some EarthEternal and of course mostly Wizard101.
I'm always trying out new games, but Wizard101 sticks. It's one of the best games I have ever played, however cliché that may sound!

But this blog isn't about any of that, this blog is about the awesome Wizard 101!!! I hope to be bringing you info, hints and tips and hopefull lots more on a regular basis, ranging from spells, to characters, to worlds and more, including some images drawn by me!

In the meantime, have fun in the Spiral!

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