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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Bertlebye's Housekeeping : Myth House

"Hey all, the name's Bertlebye, and I'm the famous magical wisdom tree in Sparrowwood! I may be a simple bonsai, but home-decor has always been close to my roots! Whether its a small-ish dorm or a dragonspyre dungeon, I'm here to help with my own feature on Ambrose2Zeke!"
"Today we have a new Estate Agent showing you around the Myth House! How exciting!"

"Yo! 'Sup wizards. It's me, John Spiritbane. Ain't 'eard of me? Well your gonna. Allright. Let's get down to business, eh? This 'ere is da Myff 'ouse. What Bertlebye? Oh right man. I mean Myth House. As ya can see there's a ton of space and stuff outside to put plants 'n' that. Kinda cool lookin' too, wiv like, rainbows 'n' clouds 'n' wicked awesome architecture, if you know what I'm sayin'."
"I went to check out inside 'n' there are like, a million rooms! Okay maybe not a million, but load's, like, I couldn't even count man. And even the stairs have like, a posh carpet up 'em 'n' stuff. It's really spacious, like, you could invite loads of ya mates round 'n' it'd be well fancy like."

"'n' then I saw these huge windows in the main room, 'n' it's proper cool. Lot's of lightin' 'n' stuff, they say interior design is all about light 'n' stuff don't they? Anyway you can see for miles man! It's just awesome.. Oh 'n' it's all held up by that cyclops statue, ennit! Yeah this is wicked. Sound. Buy it. Peace out."

"Okay... Maybe you should work on your pronounciation and speaking skills next time, John, I didn't quite catch everything you said.. something about it being wicked cool.. or.. something...
Anyway, If you understood anything that was just said, or think the Myth House is the spacious and ancient abode for you, just visit the Crown Shop today and it can be yours for a mere 10,000 Crowns or 100,000 Gold!

See you next time!"

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