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Thursday, 21 July 2011

A post from the past..

You saw it here first - we finally made a Time Machine at Ambrose2Zeke HQ!
...Nah just kidding! I'm away right now, enjoying the wonders of Candyland Holiday Resort, so that's why I have made scheduled posts for Ambrose2Zeke while I am away to try and keep to our at least 1 post per week rule! I'm gonna be missing Wizard101 sooo much!

 Remember around this time last year, we had our first experiences of the Shadowweavers in the Celestia Pre-Quests?

Those guys are scary.. I wonder when we'll start to get glimpses if the next world? We know that the Shadowweavers are going to be a running theme, but I wonder what plans Morganthe will have them fufilling next...

Feel free to tweet or comment your thoughts!
 ( Although I won't be able to reply.. since I'm posting this from the past.. ooohh! )

See you soon!
~John Spiritshade
Thaumaturge, gone Time Traveller.


  1. I don't know what the new world might be, but I hope we get a sneak peak soon! :)

  2. Likewise! I'm waiting for that day they give us the first tiny teaser! :)


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