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Thursday, 28 July 2011

A post from the past.. Part 2!

It's me back again from the past! I wonder if there will have been any epic news whilst I have been gone? Anyway I'm coming back soon - not long now until I'm back in the spiral!

Plus, when i get back Paige will be anouncing winners of her Dorm Contest, so I'm excited about that! Here are some pictures of the Dorm I created. I'm really pleased with it whether I win anything or not, 'cause I think it's a room I'm definitely going to use more often, it'll be great for hanging out in! I think I like it more than most of the rooms in my house now! Haha!


 ( you can click them to enlarge!)

That's all for now, and this is my last post from the past! Woot!
See you soon!
~John Spiritshade


  1. That's the coolsest dorm I've ever seen! It look like a Castle house from KT!

  2. Thanks a ton!! :) It took a little less than forever, but I love it!! :)


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