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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Who let the Dogs out?

KingsIsle sure did, with their latest awesome Wizard101 event!
The first ever Pet-a-palooza has begun both in the Spiral and on KIFreeGames.com!

All Pets in the Crowns Shop are on sale for up to 50% off! Plus, previously retired pets are temporarily available again for this special event, AND we may be seeing some NEW pets throughout the month of June!

If that wasn't enough, hop on over to KIFreeGames.com, and some extra special prizes have been added throughout the month of June, including Guaranteed Gold, Pet Snacks, Possibly even Mega-Snacks, or an Energy Elixir! And if your still not satisfied - even some Awesome Pets, including Death Scarabs, Storm Beetles, FOG Unicorns, Frogs, Red Gobblers, Ianthine Spectres, Viridian Cyclops and more! There really has been no better time to start playing some of those minigames!

Read all the possible prizes you could get throughout the month of June at http://www.kifreegames.com/onlinegames/freegamecodes/scoring


Now in other news, the winners for Week 1 of DiaryOfAWizard.com's Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash Contests have been announced! And I'd like to give a huge thank you to DiaryOfAWizard, because our poster won the poster contest! Thank you so much!
Thank you also to everyone who complemented me on the poster, I'm really glad you liked it, I did put a lot of hard work into it!

Be sure to check out the runner up posters too, they were all awesome!


AND the above link also contains info about Week 2's contests! Be sure to enter, because there are literally a ton of Wizard101 prizes to be won!

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