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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Announcing at long last... Piggle Quest!

 At last the cat - or wiggle of piggles in this case - is out of the bag!

The secret hints all over the place, including our YouTube and even secret Website Page to "something new" coming soon to Ambrose2Zeke gave many clues, and some of you may have deduced from them that this new feature would involve many different kinds of Piggle, Destiny from our Sparrowwood Fiction, some sort of War between Piggles, Sailors, Leviathans, and much much more!
Plus, if you managed to reverse the hidden hint videos you would hear a mysterious voice talking about "A lost generation of Piggle-kind", other strange clues, and also the Marleybone theme!

Piggle Quest is the "something new" we've been so excited about! It's a Wizard101 inspired Fan-Fiction, which takes place between our original fiction Sparrowwood 1 and Sparrowwood 2, however you will be able to discover this dramatic adventure in an entirely new way!

More details of what Piggle Quest is all about are to come soon!

Visit the official Piggle Quest page on our Website ( Currently Under Construction ) for more hints, the latest previews, and more!

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