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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Wizard101 Quick Gardening Tips & Tricks

  Gardening is a fun, and useful way to grow and care for any of a huge variety of magical plants in your very own Wizard101 Castle, Land, or Dorm room! Any wizard can begin a green-thumbed adventure of their own at Level 5, if you speak with Moolinda Wu, teacher of Life at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts! You will work your way up the ranks of gardening by gaining special gardening experience points, and the higher your rank - the more and more plants you can grow, with even greater rewards! Here are some of our very best Tips and Tricks, for both beginner and green-thumbed wizards.

Once you have spoken to Farley in Golem Court, you should know the basics of gardening, how to place a plot or pot, and care for your plant - and be ready to start growing!
First of all it's a good idea to start by growing a plant that will give you lots of Experience Points quickly, so that you can start growing better plants as soon as possible for those tasty rewards. Maybe it's Mega Snacks you want? Or that rare Reagent for the House you want to craft? Maybe you just want to be stinking rich - in that case stinkweed is the plant for you, but if you want to start a glorious stinkweed farm, you'll need to be Rank 2!

The best plants for Experience at low ranks are Honey Sickle, which grow very fast, and give 5XP per harvest and 50XP at their elder harvest! Also if you want to get a ton of blade treasure cards to stack up some awesome attack power, this is the plant for you! These plants used to be available from Farley in Golem Court, however now you can only get them as drops in Wizard City - but they shouldn't be too hard to find!

How can I best lay out my Garden?

When gardening you should probably put a whole group, and as many as possible for your Gardening Spell Care ranges of the same plant together, so that you can cast Gardening Care spells that work over all plants in that area, just once in a single area; meaning you won't be wasting any energy by having to cast multiple times for plants in different places in your home.

Plus, using wider range spells actually can cost less energy than if you were to go about casting on each plant individually - and it's faster too!

What should I plant? 

It depends what you want! Below are a list of some items you might want, plants that I personally recommend for giving each reward, the rank of the plant, and where you can get that plant from. Of course, you can always experiment with different plants to see if they give you a reward you really like, and the rewards listed are just one or two selections of the many rewards you might get!

Mega Snacks

Cornbread Fruit Bush - Rank 4 - Golden Wheat Bread - Charley in Krokotopia
Prickly Bear Cactus - Rank 4 - Sun fruit, Crab Apple - Charley in Krokotopia

Rare Reagents
Pink Dandelion - Rank 1 - Black Pearl, Blood Moss, Spring, Etc.
- Crown Shop, but also drops in most worlds
Prickly Bear Cactus - Rank 4 - Sunstone - Charley in Krokotopia

Rare/Useful Treasure Cards
Silver Trumpet Vine - Rank 4 - Earthquake, Pierce, Disarm - Crown Shop, but also drops in some worlds

~ To Be Continued!~
We will be constantly adding to and expanding our Gardening Tips Section with more advice, media, guides, and tricks you may have missed! Remember you can find many more of our awesome wizard101 guides and features on our website!


  1. hi does any one know if there is a boss that drops the white tiger lilly and if so can you let me know the boss pls

  2. karic legendforge25 August 2012 at 16:23

    you guys rock and another good idea for money is evil snow/magma peas they replace themselves amd drop 20-30 gold each harvest


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