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Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Ultimate Champion Is....

...first of all, Congratulations to absolutely Everyone who has taken part! Over all 7 challenges we recieved over 50 entries, and 5 mighty wizards managed to enter the Final Challenge. But who has been crowned Ultimate Champion?

Here are the Runners Up in acsending order, remember you had to enter the Final Challenge to counted:

Jacob Thundershield who entered one Challenge in total!
Scarlet Moonflower who entered two challenges in total!
Autumn Ghostwalker who entered two challenges in total!
Isaac Mistheart who entered a huge 6 challenges in total, and even won one!

The competition was so close - each previous challenge entry counted as an extra entry - and the random number generator had to choose someone... but who could it be! You all deserve to be champions! However...
The Ultimate Ambrose2Zeke Champion Is....

-insert massive tension and suspense here-

Arlen Dawneyes!

He entered all 7 challenges, and was infact the only person to do so, even winning one of them! The Competition was extremely close between him and Isaac, but the random number generator chose Arlen! Congratulations to you! You're Ultimate Champion Portrait will be drawn soon, using extra magic, and you will be placed in our Hall of Fame, finally completing this enourmous adventure!

A huge well done and congratulations to everyone once again!

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