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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bertlebye's Housekeeping : Fire House

"Hey all, the name's Bertlebye, and I'm the famous magical wisdom tree in Sparrowwood! I may be a simple bonsai, but people say I'm very avant-garde! Whether its dorms or decor, I'm here to help you house hunters and home decorators out there with my own feature on Ambrose2Zeke!"

"Today one of my... Lets say... enthusiastic Estate Agents will be showing you around the Fire House! I'm sure you will adore it! Take it away Alyssa!"

 "Omigosh! It's me Alyssa Lifehammer, Contest Organiser and Prize Distributor on Ambrose2Zeke! I can't believe Bertlebye let me be one of his Estate Agents! This is the best day ever! I'm sooo happy! STOP - Winston! Don't touch that you silly piggle! We don't want you turning into juicy fried bacon do we?! Although.. I am kind of hungry... Just kidding!"

"...Annnyyway, this is the bright, vibrant exterior of the house! Consisting of multiple levels, this lower level has some wonderfully decorated Pillars, supporting the upper levels. Oh and there's a huge burning torrent of fire too; they tell me it's only a few thousand degrees."

"This has to be my favourite room! If you venture down the ramps connecting the many rooms of this abode, you will find this large, expansive space, surrounded by flowing lava. Perfect for those cozy movie nights in! And behind me you can see a portal which leads to the secret attic! You can find a huge ball of fire up there, Of course, I would have gone to see it but... err.. Winston was too scared so begged me to stay..."

 "And now my final highlight of this house, the cracked terrain outside can leave gaping pools of lava! Perfect for when you're camping outside, roasting marshmallows, or feel like letting the Lava Kraken out for a swim!"
"Winston? Please stop nudging me you silly piggle! Tee hee! No don't! Winston! That tickles! No! I'm going to fall in the lava! Winston stop! Bertlebyeee-eeeee!!"

"I'm sorry Alyssa, I'm busy pruning my branches right now! Anyway my beautiful leaves could burst into flames... Erm I mean I could bloom too early in such a warm climate! Maybe you shouldn't bring that piggle of yours to such a dangerous *cough* Cozy Houses! I'm sure every house in the spiral is constructed with utmost care, and there is absolutely no danger at all! No towering infernos, no spewing lava... no such thing! More to the point however, visit the Crowns Shop today and you could grab yourself a homely Fire House for just 10,000 crowns or 100,000 gold!

Until next time!"


  1. Worst part of the Fire house for me is the lack of suitable yard space for gardening. My Myth boy has the Fire house and ended up turning two of the rooms into potted garden patches for his Prickly Bears.

  2. Haha, yes I can't imagine it's very good for any of our flowery friends anyway - unless it's a cactus or evil magma pea! :)


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