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Monday, 4 April 2011

Temporary Absence

 As you may have gathered already, I, John Spiritshade, have not been very active on Ambrose2Zeke, Twitter, or in the entire spiral lately! This is because I am very busy in real life right now, with exams and such so that I may acquire qualifications important for my future life! During this time I am taking a necessary step back from Wizard101 in order to concentrate on these things! Once the busyness had died down, which should be around July-August time, I will of course return to play Wizard101 avidly as usual! I should be paying a little attention to twitter at times, and I will try to keep up with beloved episodes of Ravenwood Radio, and try to check out Diary of a Wizard every once in a while, but I can't promise anything! Can't wait to get all this work over with and have a great time playing, and posting again!

I will return! Hope to see you all soon!

John Spiritshade



  1. Good luck with all the school and stuff!

  2. I'm glad to hear that you are studying for exams and such. Good Luck!!!

    Victoria Dragonsong


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