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Thursday, 17 March 2011

New World - Wintertusk!

It looks like Celestian Fever will return again in the form of Wintertusk - the newest addition to the spiral! On March 15th, the first few golden nuggets of information were scattered across the community and upon the Wizard101 Website!

"Wintertusk will complete the epic storyline that began with Grizzleheim and will offer new things to do, and areas to explore for all levels of young Wizards.
Along with Wintertusk, we will also be launching new spells and new level 58 class pets for each main school of focus. We will also be bringing back the underwater area of the Crab King in sunken Triton Avenue, to tell a story about life in Crab Alley after the departure of Selena Gomez."

Thus, Wintertusk is a continuation of Grizzleheim! But not only that, we will get new spells and pets? Now that is what I call awesome, not to mention extremely exciting!! Whether the new Morganthe storyline that Celestia started will take any place in Wintertusk is unknown, however I believe we may discover lots more about the original Wizard101 Lore because....
"Have a sneak peek at Grandmother Raven, and for those of you following the story, Grandmother Raven's appearance will solve many outstanding mysteries of the Spiral!"

Will we meet the Grandmother Raven? She has been mentioned discretely in the past, throughout quests, and books, but it has all been very much enigmatic! Wintertusk is sure to have some very interesting snippets of wonderful lore!

I reckon we will be getting a lot more little droplets of information down the line from now, as Wintertusk is probably a while off! But the anticipation and speculation just makes it all the more fun!

What do you think Wintertusk will hold in store for us?

~John Spiritshade


  1. When will the new "Penultimate Challenge" be announced? I want it bad

  2. Soon we hope! We want to announce it as much as you do! I'm extremely busy at the moment, so I'll work on it as soon as I have time - it's right at the top of my Wizard101 List!


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