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Friday, 25 February 2011

Bertlebye's Housekeeping : Storm House (New Feature!)

Introducing our Newest Feature...

"Hey all, the name's Bertlebye, and I'm the famous magical wisdom tree in Sparrowwood! I may be a simple bonsai, but I'm really into feng shui lately! Whether its dorms or decor, I'm here to help with my own feature on Ambrose2Zeke!"

"Today one of my wonderful Estate Agents will be showing you around the Storm House! I'm sure you will love it! Take it away Destiny!"
"Hello, I am Destiny - The Dark Wizard's Daughter, Villain of Sparrowwood Extraordinaire, and I will be showing you around some of the Storm House today! As you can see, the Storm house is located slap bang in the middle of the stormy ocean, a perfect place for you Diviners out there! Some of the great features of the house, are the splashing, crashing waves, and you will be glad to know that there are plenty of lightning bolts to go around!"

"The actual living quarters are amazingly underwater! There are a variety of portholes, and wide open windows to gaze out into the ocean, and you might even see a variety of wonderful sea life! Look Scooter! I think I can even see Celestia from here! Oh.. no.. that's just a fish."

"The storm house is very large, with so many rooms and fantastic things, I can't show you them all, but this is one of my favourites - A wide window into the open seas! From here you can get the best view of an underwater world filled with fishies and.. is that a Storm Shark?! There is a Storm Shark?! This isn't safe! Oh my goodness I have to get out of this death trap right now!! You just sent me here to get frazzled didn't you Bertlebye?! Get me out of here now! BERTLEBYE!!"

"Oh, woops, sorry Destiny! I had no idea that house was so dangerous with the lightning, storms, fierce and crashing waves, even sharks! Who knew! Tee Hee!
Anyway, If you're a Diviner at heart, or just searching for a thrill, the Storm House is the place for you! Visit the Crown Shop today and the Storm House can be yours for a mere 10,000 Crowns or 100,000 Gold!

See you next time!"

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  1. lol sparrowwood that's awesome and bertleby also awesome Morganthe is the enemy for sparrowwood! lol anyway see ya

    till then
    Don't Mess With The Leviathan!!!


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