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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I'm Drowning!!!! ...in cool new stuff to do!

What? You didn't hear? Of course you did. Celestia is Live and there is tons of new Stuff!
Here are our top 5:

1. New Spells, Astral and Level 58!
The astral magics add tons more strategy, thinking, and ways to benifit and improve your original school, or gameplay style!

2. New Areas to Explore!
A whole variety of new areas including underwater, air domes, celestian architecture, floating islands and tropical jungles!

3. New Equipment and Stats!
Criticals especcially make a huge and exciting difference to the game! Although personally, I'm not one for the Celestian look! :P

4. New Crafting to slave over!
There is a new crafting quest ready for you to boost your skills up to Grandmaster Artisan, but this time you will really want to do this quest, because the stuff you can craft is pure epic!

5. The Beginning of a Brand New Story!
Celestia perfectly sets up the story for the next 4 worlds, and I can see lots of potential for a fantastic, exciting and captivating new adventure to experience!

 Also, we are pleased to announce the winner of A2ZC Round 3 is Carlos Darkbringer! We will send you your prize codes, and create your new portrait soon!

Enjoy your adventures in the spiral!
~John Spiritshade

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