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Monday, 13 September 2010

More morsels of salty Celestia! ... And wallpaper update No. 12!

Here is a little annotated screenshot from the Test Realm!
It's from the Selena Gomez Quest in which you must adventure to a place called "Crab Alley" which I suspect is a little taster of some Celestan wonders to come, just to whet our appetite!

If you haven't checked out the Test Realm yet, do so now!
Selena's Quest now in the Test Realm!
If you can't access the Test Realm don't worry! Selena will be coming to the Spiral  Late September!

Find out more on this super fun quest at the Wizard101 & Selena Gomez page.

AND while your at it check out the AWESOME video there! More sneak peeks of Celestia and other new content are squeezed in there, so watch carefully and see what you can spot!

Wow. So much stuff to catch up on! Been busy in real life these past few days so havent had a chance to post as much as I would like, but I am trying to scrape through with at LEAST one post per week. Sorry! Hopefully I will get back into the swing of things in the next few weeks.

Thought I'd throw this in here. Yeah the wallpapers been updated. See it?
Yeah creepy. Clicky for full size.
I am working on Sparrowwood Part 5, I'm hoping to make it a bit special. Once this Sparrowwood "series" has "ended" I hope to go back and make some changes to it all, so lets just say it's work in progress.

Aaaaannd if you don't know already we are holding a great contest called Ambrose2Zeke Champions, you can find the original post here and even check out Diary of A Wizard and you'll find it. :)

Champions Contest Tip: Do as many of the Challenges as possible! They might all help you for the final ( ultimate ) challenge!
And lastly, my Wizard101 Tip of the Post today is:
Blade up. Trap up. Kaboom. 

PS. Huge thank you to Fallon Shadowblade at Diary of a Wizard for being a supporting A2Z Champions on the site! Thanks Fallon!

Pu the word on the street yo.
.....Dude....I wish I had friends. Jokes... ahem... yeah..

*cough*....anyway see you soon!

~ John Spiritshade

( I'm always tempted to say "And I'll see YOU, in the Spiral." but I believe thats  © IcyWiz Inc.. I need a catchphrase. Think of one for me! And preferably not "Put the word on he street yo". )

Bye for now!

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