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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Get Out of the Water!! Now!!


Hooray! The Selena Gomez Quest is now Live! And along with it, is a brand shiny new Shark Mount!!
( Whom I have dubbed, Sir Jaws. )

Along with this....
A few small changes have been made to the Spiral at this time:
  1. Dying your items will be less expensive now. All Dye Prices have been reduced. This will also affect the SELL value of items. We will soon be adjusting the gold value of some items to compensate for the difference.

    Yaaay! These dye prices are much better, I checked them out, It's great now!

  2. All starter Dorm furniture items are have been flagged as No Trade. These items can no longer be placed in your Shared Bank.

    Hmm... Interesting. I suppose this makes sense!

  3. The Celestian Sword now gives 5 cards, instead of 1.

    Personally I dislike this! It was a very unique Sword only giving one card, and added more to strategy... But there you go.

  4. At level 50, the Wizard character page now displays experience as "MAX" and the Experience Bar at the bottom of the screen is hidden. When the level cap is raised, players who are currently level 50 will see their Experience Bar return, and once again be able to earn experience.


  5. Mystery solved! Players should no longer spontaneously revive after being defeated in PvP. Players can still be revived by team mates.

    I have never experienced this bug, but sounds annoying if you're trying to win a PvP! Glad this is now fixed.

  6. Fizzles no longer look like grey popcorn.

    This has to be my favourite update... Nobody likes grey popcorn.
Many more updates will also be coming when Celestia arrives in the Spiral later this year.

Later this year? Does this mean the release has been set even further back?

Beta the Owl will be back soon with a review of our recent Seraph AoE Poll!
& Remember to enter A2Z Champions Round One!! There isn't much time left!

~ John Spiritshade


1 comment:

  1. "Fizzles no longer look like grey popcorn."

    I wonder what they'll look like. Will my wand/staff/sword just droop like a wet noodle?

    How about we just do away with fizzling all together? Yeah, yeah...I know...it's an important part of the balance of power. (Sigh)


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