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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

What is a Reportable Offense?

I was recently playing In-Game, fighting a boss in the Plaza of Conquests. In another battle two players were clearly using innappropriate language, bypassing the normal Text Chat filter. This means that this language could be seen by any age. Yes anyone with text chat could have seen the language, because although those with accounts over the age of 13 have text chat by default, a parent/guardian of a child of any age may enable text chat for their child's account if they wish.

As the Wizard101 FAQs state:
"Text Chat for players with under 13 accounts can only be turned on by a parent/guardian over age 18. The parent/guardian must validate his/her age by buying a subscription or crowns with a valid credit card."

So therefore I reported them. I believe this was the first time I have ever reported, and I did not mean for them to recieve some sort of immediate ban, I simply hoped that they would take it as a warning, stop, and learn from it.

They seemed to realise that it must have been me who had reported them, and I teleported to the commons area. Firstly their companion teleported also and followed me. They asked why I had reported them, and I told them that it was because they used inappropriate and offensive language that a child could have seen. This was a rather civil conversation. Then the people I reported teleported to their friend. Along with a few names called at me because I reported them, I was apparently "not worthy to be in Dragonspyre" and apparently I "Get paying people banned." They thought because they had invested money into the game, he shouldn't be reported because "they make money off people like me". There was a lot more said, and I tried to explain to them that they did commit a reportable offense, and that swearing is in no way "clever", I said this once and then simply moved away.
Finally, I was reported, I have no idea what they said their reason was, but as far as I can see, I did nothing wrong but try to protect younger players being exposed to any inappropriate language.

I started wondering soon after this event, was I right to report them? So I looked up what a reportable offense is on the Wizard101 website.

So I was right to report them. But what actually happens when someone is reported? I was reported? But falsely! Will they or I be banned from game permanently or something?

So the chat logs will be seen by Mr Lincoln, including the following arguement? So the two people I reported will be punished appropriately. And the one who reported me has made it even worse for them because they then falsely reported! So there is nothing I have done at all wrong!

But what ist NOT a Reportable Offense?

Okay. In conclusion, if you do report someone, simply go somewhere else and do not get involved. This way, they cannot try and report you falsely back ( they cannot see who reported them anyway ).
False reporting IS an offense.
If you see someone definitely commiting a reportable offense, It is completely okay to report them. In fact it is the right thing to do, as we should all know that the filters are there for a reason and this IS a game for children too.
And finally, if you think you are getting away with doing something which is infact a reportable offense, all chat logs are routinely checked. You will be found out. And why break the rules KingsIsle have set down for us? You are ruining the game experience for everybody.
Play Politely, Play Fairly, and Play Safely.

~John Spiritshade
( and sorry this is a rather ranty/semi-educational post )


  1. I too have seen this foul language every time my child an I play. I try to play when she does. What better way to observe her. Recently I allowed her to use text chat so she could work better with a team in the tower in Marleybone. When she was playing in the Plaza of Conquests I saw the most offensive language directed at her character. I asked her what brought this on and she finally admitted she called someone a noob for using her traps with a weak spell. I told it's never right to call someone a name. She thought it was ok because she saw so many players using the word noob. But what was said to her was so foul. I finally took the keyboard from her and stated to the other players they were speaking to a very young child. No one apologized. I did on her behalf.

    I suspended both our accounts for a while. I was so angry (still am) at what was said to her. And showing my newness to the game I didn't know I could report specific players for using foul language. I did send an e-mail to customer support and was told to disable text chat for my child and switch to another realm. If I allow my child to play again I will disable text chat for her. But I know the foul language will go on. It's sad really. Wizard101 is a fun game for all ages. Too bad some have to ruin it for others.



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