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Monday, 16 August 2010

More Celestia Snippets?!

Its so cute. I want one. Now.

MMO Sanctuary seem to have brought us some brilliant new Celestia artwork, and also a list of new features we may not know about!!!

Swimming?! And Underwater Mounts!?!? And More?!?!??!!

You can read the full article below, It has tons of info, and some great concept art!

  1. Level cap raised to 60.
  2. New bosses and a new villain for players to thwart.
  3. New high level spells for all schools.
  4. 3 new schools of magic fitting with the Celestia theme.  (No SPECIFIC details released yet)
  5. Swimming & underwater areas.
  6. Underwater mounts.
  7. ...and more yet to be announced!


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