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Monday, 9 August 2010

Comments Overview! ( + 50th Post! )

Firstly, thank you to everybody who comments on our posts! The above video is an overview of our most recent comments ( so you might be in it!!). I will continue to do this if I continue to get steady numbers of comments! :)

Secondly.. This is A2Z's 50th Post!!
PLUS We have almost reached 2000 Hits!

I thought this would be a good occasion to show this lovely picture of a piggle again.
( Yes he has been in previous posts but... isn't he just so cute! )

There will be a Celebration Contest due to this very soon!
( because contests are good for the soul... )
but sadly not for me cause I always want the stuff I give away in the contests... haha... alas I resist...

~ John Spiritshade



  1. Woot, congratulations my friend. Quick question: How did you get that welcome banner on your blog that says: Thank you for visiting Ambrose2Zeke?

    That's cool check out my improved blog: http://sorcererofthespiral.blogspot.com

  2. :D Congratz on the posts! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. M.W.S Tricks of the trade my friend ;)

    And that's a really nice blog you have there, but please refrain from posting links to other blogsites in comments in future.

    If you would like me to add you to our links page, feel free to contact merlistaire@gmail.com

    :) Thanks for the comments!


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