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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Spell - Fire Dragon

On Tuesday the 13th of April '10, Merlistaire began working on rebuilding his comprehensive spellbook! He asked you wizards what your favourite spells were!

Andrew Battleblade, Level 48 Pyromancer shared his thoughts.
"I love the Fire Dragon spell! It is a 7 pip spell, but is extremely powerful! -Andrew Battleblade, Level 48 Pyromancer."

A Powerful Fire Dragon!? I want one!!
The Fire Dragon is considered by some, the best spell in the fire school.

This card does 440 damage, and then does an extra 351 damage divided over 3 rounds.
Sound cool? (or hot?... bad pun) Well you haven't heard the best bit.
This is to All Enemies!

That means a total of 791 damage to all enemies!
Using Blades, Auras and Traps would cause even more devastating damage!

Only Pyromancer's may get this spell, from Dalia Falmea and you must be Level 48.
You also need to complete a special quest.

That was the mighty Fire Dragon, do not under estimate it's power!

But Merlistaire still needs more spells:
"Fire Dragon! That is one dangerous card indeed!

Keep sending me your favourite spells wizards!

My spellbook still needs many spells! We must complete it swiftly before Marlin destroys Sparrowwood Library completely!"

e-mail me at merlistaire@gmail.com !
or tweet @ambrose2zeke !

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  1. my favorite is orthrus cuz i mean he looks awesome he hits pretty good and hes like a heckhound on steroids! oh yeaaaaa!!!


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