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Friday, 30 April 2010

Alyssa LifeHammer- Contest Winners!!!!

Wow! Thank you all for telling me your favourite things about Krokotopia!
All of them were very interesting, but I especially liked these:

1st Place - Lucas Lionsong
 "Hello! My fave things about krokotopia are: the puzzles, the krokosphinx island, and the cool order of the fang badge you can get!"
Those puzzles sound tricky! And wow a Krokosphinx? That sounds very cool, and I also love collecting badges!
I will send you an e-mail with your 3 Reward Codes!

2nd Place - Christo Skywalker
"My fav thing about krokotopia is the look, the dungeons and the so cute manders!"
I agree with you Chris! I love those manders and I hear they come in lots of different colours.
I will send you a direct message on twitter with your 1 Reward Code!


Don't worry if you didn't win anything this time! I loved reading your entries, I will definately ask you all something again sometime, who knows what you might win!

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