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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Spell - Tower Shield

On Tuesday the 13th of April '10, Merlistaire began working on rebuilding his comprehensive spellbook! He asked you wizards what your favourite spells were!

Sierra Starsong, Grandmaster of Ice shared her wisdom.
"My Favourite spell is Tower Shield, all my alts use it every chance they get. -Sierra Starsong, Ice Grandmaster."

So what is this Tower Shield spell?
Tower Shield is a great defensive spell in the Ice School.

It takes off 50% damage from whoever you cast it on when they are attacked by an enemy. Then it is used up and disappears.
It has 100% accuracy so no fizzles (unless you have a -XX% accuracy casted on you) making this a great spell to use for any wizard!

Wizards of any school can get it from Lydia Greyrose in Ravenwood, as long as you have learned all previous spells before the tower shield in the ice school, and you have one training point. Also you must be Level 16.

Of course, Ice Wizards get this spell for free!

So that's the Tower Shield spell! Thanks Sierra!

Merlistaire still wants to know your favourite spells:

"Of course! The tower shield spell is a must in anyone's deck!

Keep sending me your favourite spells though wizards!

My spellbook is coming along nicely! With your help it will be available for you to browse in no time at all!"

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