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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Good News & Bad News - A post long overdue

It has been too long since I last posted!
Unfortunately since September I have returned to school, and the workload is more than ever and I have some heavy exams throughout the next 2 years - hence why Ambrose2Zeke has recently been so neglected. I haven't even had a proper chance to explore Zafaria! I'm afraid this very sparse smattering of posts may have to continue until the summer holidays roll around again.. :(

BUT, the good news is I do have lots of plans lined up!
I just need time to actually do them!

1. First and foremost I want to finish updating the actual Ambrose2Zeke.com site to the new layout and add all the cool features along with that!

2. Secondly I REALLY need to draw the portraits and update the Ambrose2Zeke Hall of Fame!

3. Thirdly I want to work on Piggle Quest, and maybe go back and make it better than it was before as well as implementing new stuff that I had planned in the first place!

4. Then of course there is next year's A2Z Champions...

5. Finally I want to keep on top of all the other features going on, such as Beta's Polls, Bertlebye's Real Estate, etc.

So, you have all that to look forward to in 2012/13! It just might be a much slower process than previously.

This is just a long overdue heads-up to let you all know what's going on, and that I haven't left Wizard101! I miss you guys, not being able to be around as much!

Anyway, enjoy the Spiral!

~John Spiritshade

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