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Monday, 24 October 2011

YES! You defeated the Blightfrost... Sort of...

Congratulations Champions! 
Amber Rosepetal, Heather Raven, Morgrim Trollfriend, Scarlet Moonflower, Tatiana Shadowflame, Nicholas Lionrider and Diana Wildheart!

If you didn't know already, the spells you chose worked and broke the curse on Merlistaire, meaning ALL of you can be welcomed into the Hall of Fame! Watch the final moments of the Blightfrost adventure here!
 Your portraits will be drawn and displayed there as soon as possible!

The one lucky winner of our 5000 crowns raffle is...
-insert drum roll and flashy random number generating special effects-

Morgrim Trollfriend!
We will send you the code to your email ASAP! 

However.. there was one small hiccup. The Queen of Blight lied, saying she would leave if we broke the curse on Merlistaire, but she didn't! Instead she sacrificed herself to summon a creature called the Wyvern King - a beast worshipped by the civilisations of Blightfrost.

So now the Wyvern King is protecting Sparrowwood from being, well, defrosted, so Blightfrost can maintain their rule even with the Queen deceased, and there is nothing we can do to stop it!

There are rumours however, that strange things are happening in the 'Astral belt', way up high above the lands of Sparrowwood. The Astral belt is where the Sun, Moon and Stars that shine upon Sparrowwood allign just once every few hundred years, and some say that this can cause very strange things to happen...

Who knows? Maybe these 'strange things' will help us learn how to defrost Sparrowwood very soon...

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