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Sunday, 9 October 2011

A2ZCII - The Choice

The Final Challenge is now Available!

The following are our champions who may at last confront the Ice Queen:

If are no longer on this list.. You have been frozen

If nobody completes this challenge correctly, Ambrose2Zeke.com will fall into eternal ice, frozen forever by the Queen of Blight, and nobody shall be crowned Hero of the Blight. The Ice Queen will rule, and nobody will stand in her way.

The fate of Sparrowwood depends on You.

If this is the end and nobody prevails against the Ice Queen, then I should take this moment to say thank you to all who have participated, as I may never get this chance again if we are all frozen. You are all Champions. Best of Luck!

If your wizard or diaryofawizard name is not listed above, please do not send in an entry for any challenges as it will not be valid for prizes. However you may try out the challenges on the site just for fun! 

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