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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Theorycrafting101 : We haven't seen all Wysteria Yet!

Hello and welcome to Ambrose2Zeke.com's Newest feature, Theorycrafting101!
Using super-sleuth skills, we will be predicting what might be to come in the world of wizard101, and in some cases even providing evidence to support these theories!

Today we'll be talking about the World of Wysteria, or more importantly, what we haven't seen of it yet!

It seems very possible that more content awaits us in this world. At present, only two streets are open for us to explore, and those are Pegasus Place and Tanglewood Way, and the overall consensus of wizards is that the entire world of Wysteria is reasonably short compared to other worlds, even at the appropriate level.

It would make sense if not all of Wysteria was revealed to us suddenly at level 25, because as it is an entire competing school, you would think that throughout your time at Ravenwood, adventures and news from Pigswick Academy would crop up more than once.
Plus, a lot of detail has gone into this new world, including new architecture, furniture, monsters on the streets, so I think that there is large potential for all these assets to be used a little more to create a bit more content.

Let us consult our evidence:

Here is a screenshot of a unopened gate in Wysteria. It is currently unmarked, and as of yet there is no way to open it. There is no indication as to where it might lead. However, if you look on the map..

Here you can clearly see, the unmarked gate leads to the area which I have greyed out! That is a huge chunk of world to explore, and we don't even see the world's edge finish there! That must at least be one more street, it looks like about a third more Wysteria content compared to what we already have, and that is assuming we will only be able to adventure throughout what we can see here.

That's all for now, so what do you think? Is there more Wysteria Hysteria to come?

Remember though; it's just a theory!


  1. That's some pretty solid evidence, I would not be surprised if more happened in Pigswick. As there is much potential for it.

  2. Benjamin Dragonsword5 September 2011 at 02:06

    Hey they should make that area available once you have won the tournament and you are at least level 40! Grizzleheim has new areas every ten or so levels, so lets make it so the original spots at 25, the next spot at 40, and another place at 50 or 55!


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