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Saturday, 28 May 2011

New Magical Library - Discover the Magical Knowledge from Sparrowwood Library!

At last! Merlistaire, guardian of Sparrowood Library, has finally gained enough knowledge about the Magical Schools and Spells of the spiral, lost when Marlin attacked, to reopen the library to wizards everywhere! Why not visit, and see if you learn something new!

Currently there is a ton of information about each school available, including a summary of each schools 7 pip spell!

The library's collection of knowledge is sure to expand over the course of the future, with details of Merlistaire's reccomended spells, strategies, and more - this is just the beginning!

You can send in your own favourite spells, strategies, or any other magical wizard10 tips to merlistaire, through our email merlistaire@gmail.com, Twitter @ambrose2zeke, Facebook page, or Diary of A Wizard Group! Maybe you'll become an author, and the knowledge you share might be placed in the library!

Note: Characters such as Merlistaire, and places such as Sparrowood Library refer to our Sparrowwood Fan-Fiction, inspired by the real Wizard101 places and people - but don't worry - the information applies to the real spiral too!
Check out our Sparrowwood Fiction or our About page to learn more!

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