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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Wintertusk brings an Avalanche of Updates to Wizard101!

The following updates are only in the Test Realm at present.
 It's here much sooner than anyone thought! It's Wintertusk - the new continuation of Grizzleheim that brings with it a huge insight into Wizard101 Lore, and a plethora of features and updates we have all been wishing for - including Wand Stitching!

New Level 58 Pets!
New and powerful pets can be obtained through a quest given to you by your school Professor! You must be at least level 58 and have completed the quest "Nordrilund Exposure", previously thought to be  the "Blackbird in a Cage" quest, however this is no longer the case and the "Nodrilund Exposure" Quest is needed to be completed in Wintertusk! You must also have completed your previous level 48 Pet/Spell quest to obtain this quest.

The new Level 58 Pets are as follows:
Ice: Ice Wyvern
Fire: Phoenix
Storm: Kraken
Life: Forest Lord
Death: Scarecrow
Myth: Humongofrog
Balance: Judgement

Each new pet gives you an improved version of their spell!
AND Speaking of new spells...

New Level 35 & Level 55 Spells!
Talk to Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town after completing "Blackbird in a Cage" at Level 35 and "Thief of Spells" at Level 55 to aqquire a new Utility Spell, and an "Upgraded" Spell for your school!


Crab Alley returns Bigger and Better!
Now including new quests, and an instance for legendaries! Plus you can pick up a "Rockstar Outfit" whilst you're there!


You can now Stitch Wands!
Now you can cutomize your wizardly appearance to the max, choose any appearance of wand, and stitch it with any wand stats you like for 100 crowns, just like stitching normal gear!4

Mounts can now roam your Castle or Land!
From Broomsticks to Bengal Tigers, place them in your home and watch them wander!
Plus - Be sure to visit and explore Wintertusk, for many very interesting drops and equipment with fascinating stats and even spell cards can be found there!
And believe it or not, there are even more brilliant updates on top of all this! Read the complete update notes to learn about them all!

~John SpiritShade


  1. So much great stuff! Great overview!

  2. my wizard is a myth and the pets kinda lame... angry face


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