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Friday, 29 April 2011

Andrew Dragonshade - Winner of A2Z Champions Round 6

The Winner of A2Z Champions The Penultimate Challenge is Andrew Dragonshade! Congratulations!

So many of you entered this penultimate round, and the random number generator chose Andrew as the winner, but do not fear - your entry has not gone to waste as the Final Challenge is approaching fast; it arrives May 1st!

Andrew's portrait has now been drawn, and is available for all to see in the Ambrose2Zeke Champions Hall of Fame!

Round 7 is next, and it's the Final Challenge - The Ultimate Champion will at last be decided!

You do not need to have entered any previous rounds to enter the final round! However, if you have entered previously, your other entries will help you greatly! ...But full details will only be revealed on May 1st!

Good Luck!

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  1. We're not in 2010 anymore!

  2. That's true but this group of 7 A2Z Champions rounds started in 2010, so it's know as A2Z Champions '10, or as A2Z Champions 2010-2011. :)
    I see your point though! Haha. :)


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