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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Gardening Comes to Wizard101

Yes that's right! A brand new feature is coming to Wizard101! Gardening!

( Note! The System is still Work in Progress, and is subject to Change!! )

Here are some other more minor, but extremely interesting updates:

Celestian Furniture
Yes you read that correctly! Celestian Furniture has come to the Spiral, as well as recipes for furniture from our newest underwater world!

Menu Chat
New phrases have been added to Menu Chat, including a quick 'Thank you' for our very polite Wizards!

The Final Countdown quest can now be completed by a solo player. There is no longer a timer to activate the power crystals and there is also no longer a timer for the two set of creatures that trigger the doors to be opened that are right before Malistaire's room.

Crowns Shop
When an item is on sale in the Crowns Shop, you will now see both the full price with a strikethrough and the sale price, so you can see how much you are saving.

Equipment, furniture, pet snack, treasure card and transmute recipes have been added to Celestia!

Sandstone and Sunstone can now be found on bosses in The Solar District and the Trial of the Spheres.

^ And Look! I harvested my first Plant in test realm! ^

~John Spiritshade

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