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Saturday, 13 November 2010

A Fiction Teaser, and huge sorry about lack of posts recently!

Shiny.. I'm wondering what's going on in the center of the spiral there...
Hello! Sorry about the lack of posts recently! I have to admit I have been busy IRL ( Exams if you must know -_- ) Therefore haven't had the chance to play much, or make any posts!

Hopefully I'll get round to rounding off A2Z Round 3 soon, and give Carlos Darkbringer his prizes, I'm so sorry but I literally haven't had the time yet! Physically and Mentally drained!

In other news here is a fiction teaser to keep you hooked. Ya know... :

It's gonna be exciting in Sparrowwood!
( I am still revising all of it, so it sorta makes sense... for the final part.. then..! )

Sparrwwood 2 is coming!

~ John Spiritshade

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