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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Celestia! Now?! GDC Gossip!

Today An event called GDC ( Game Developers Conference ) begins, and our Wizard101 "rockstars" Leesha Darkheart from Ravenwood Radio, and the Friendly Necromancer have both gone and visited! J Todd Coleman was even interviewed on Gamebreaker Tv ( more on what he said later ) and Leesha even managed to get in the camera's view with him after his interview haha! All wizards in the spiral are very jealous of those who have gone to the event! We hope you have fun!

Anyway In J Todd's interview, he said "celestia is just around the corner"! He even mentioned a turtle mount, starfish pets and the advanced civilisation of Celestians.
Regarding Training Points, J Todd revealed that we will be able to aquire more training points after 50 form our new higher level spells, so there is no need for us to waste those crowns and retrain!

As the gossip unfolds, we'll try to keep you up to date!
Check out gamebreaker.tv for live coverage of GDC.

~John Spiritshade

Ps. Writing this post on a mobile device, so I will update it soon with pictures etc. Sorry!

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