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Monday, 25 October 2010

After Celestia! October Producers' Letter!

This month Professor Falmea ( aka Leah Ruben ) finally lets the firecat out of the bag as Celestia goes live on the Test Servers! She talks about Spells, Visuals, Creatures and Story, Difficulty and more, but she also mentions...

"We are also looking towards what comes next after Celestia. Don't worry, though... 99.99% of our attention is focused on making Celestia great. We’re just doing a little bit of scheming and plotting. I can't wait to introduce what we’re cooking up here. While Celestia is very focused on our most accomplished and powerful Wizards, this will appeal to Grandmasters and Novices alike."

That sounds exciting! Could it be another world like Grizzleheim? Or a new feature like the Advanced Pet System?!

You can check out the full October Producer's Letter here!

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